Social media is a great way to promote your business when you use it well. The huge usage levels of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter open up big business opportunities for you to connect with people.

Setting up a business page in Facebook or LinkedIn is a good way of raising brand awareness but it is not the same as setting up your own website.

Here are the main pros and cons of each option.

Facebook business page

The pros – It is free to set up a Facebook business page and it is very simple to do. You can have a page set up in minutes and add your business logo, company description and contact details straight away. You do not have to go to an expert to get your page set up, as it is easy for non-technical people to do.

The cons – Your page on Facebook is not owned by you because Facebook owns it. If they want to change their terms and conditions then they are free to do so and you have no control over it. Also, whilst some people will use Facebook to search for businesses, most people are likely to use Google to find a new business. So if you do not have a website, those people will not necessarily find your details. You are also very limited in terms of what content you can add to the page and it becomes difficult to add custom functionality.

Your own website

The pros – You have full control over how your website is used, providing that you pay for a hosting solution. You can create a beautiful website with loads of features that generate sales for your business. You have the option to build as many pages as you wish (providing you have the right hosting package) and can add lots of attractive images, videos and other great content that will bring users to your website. You can also add custom functionality like booking forms or live quote estimators and you are free to change your website as your business expands.

The cons – It costs money to set up a website, although not necessarily as much as you think it will. There are a range of different pricing options, depending on how much you want to get out of your website. You can get a fairly basic one set up for a reasonable fee. It may take some time getting a website set up, especially if you are creating lots of content for it. You also need to regularly update your website to ensure that content does not go out of date, or to use the latest trending marketing methods. Setting up a website can be complicated for novices, so you may need to hire the skills of a professional company like us here at Vertanet.


Whilst Facebook and other social media accounts can help drive loads of new business for you, a website will help your business get found in search engines. The ideal solution is to set up a website that aligns with an effective social media strategy that drives people to visit your website. If you have a very small budget then a Facebook page may be the better option, but a custom website leaves more room for expansion as your business grows and gives your business a professional look.

About the author

Mark Dunn is a leading web designer and developer with over 10 years experience in the industry. With a background in software development and cyber security, Mark brings a unique perspective to his articles to ensure an enjoyable and informative read.