Data Policy


This page is a continuation of our terms and conditions, and as such, cannot be taken out of context or used without reference to our terms and conditions page and other policies which govern our legal framework.

1. Collection

1.1. Registration

We collect user data on upon registration and/or subscription to our services. We may also collect client information, such as web browser information and IP address.

1.2. Analytics

Analytics data is collected from website users, including time spent on our site, client information and pages viewed.

1.3. Payments

Where payments are used, we collect either the username or email of your chosen payment gateway account or in the case where a bank and/or debit/credit card is used, we collect the required amount of information necessary for a successful transaction.

2. Usage

2.1. Improvements 

Our primary reason for collecting data is to understand how users interact with our site and services in order to improve them. We do not share any data which is traceable to our users with any third parties.  

2.2. Communication

Where we need to communicate with our users, we use the relevant data that they have provided us with. This information is not shared with or sold to third parties under any circumstances.

2.3. Personalisation

The data that users provide or data that we collect may be used to personalise the aforementioned's user experience.

3. Management

3.1. Sharing

We never sell or share user data with third parties, with exception to nationally or internationally recognised authorities where applicable. Circumstances in which data may be shared with authorities is detailed on our terms and conditions page

3.2. Storage

Sensitive information, such as passwords, is encrypted. We also take strenuous security precautions to ensure that data remains safe (read more)

3.3. Requests

Account holders have the right to request all information being stored which directly concerns them. We do not charge a fee for providing this information.