Privacy Policy


This page is a continuation of our terms and conditions, and as such, cannot be taken out of context or used without reference to our terms and conditions page and other policies which govern our legal framework.

1. Information

1.1. Your rights

At Vertanet your privacy is paramount and as such, we take extra precautions to ensure your information remains private. All data is stored securely and where possible, we also encrypt your data. You have the right to request all data that we hold relating to you free of charge, regardless of your country of residence.

1.2. Your responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring that your information held on record is, to the best of your knowledge, up-to-date. Failure to update your details may violate your local laws, and you will be unable to continue to use our services until the offending article has been rectified.

2. Terms

2.1. Compliance

By accessing our website and services, you agree to our privacy policy in addition to any local laws that may apply. If you do not agree with our policy, or do not wish to comply, you are subsequently prohibited from using or accessing our websites, services and subscriptions.

2.2. Data

We collect personal information and user data by lawful and fair means. Where appropriate, we like to inform the user and/or ask their consent for the data to be collected.

3.3. Usage

We only collect the data we need to allow us to operate services, comply with laws and personalise your experience. We do not collect data which is irrelevant, redundant or has no possible use.

3.4. Retainment

Information is only retained for as long as necessary to fulfil their purpose and if applicable, comply with their corresponding legal requirements

3. Licensing

3.1. Your license

Every user may download, for the purpose of viewing and using our services, one copy of our website material. With exception to cached files, it is prohibited to keep these temporary files beyond their natural lifetime when browsing our websites. Under this license, you are also prohibited to modify or copy website materials, use our materials for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, attempt to reverse engineer or decompile any software, remove copyright notations or transfer the materials to another server. If your purpose is educational, we may be able to grant you a license to use our website material in alternative ways prohibited under this license.

3.2. Violation of license

If your license outlined in 3.1 is violated in any way, it will be terminated automatically. You are thereafter required to remove any downloaded materials you still possess and request a reinstatement of your license if you wish to use our services in the future